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Hi! My name is Maria Russo and I'm running for the West Virginia House of Delegates in District 100. District 100 stretches from Shepherdstown to Shannondale, and includes Blue Ridge Acres, Harpers Ferry, Bolivar, Bakerton, Uvilla, and points in between.


I was raised in Jefferson County and I am excited for the opportunity to serve as your future Delegate. I am dedicated to responsible policymaking. I have worked as a Jefferson County public school teacher and coach, a public policy strategist, a small business owner, and a clean water advocate in West Virginia. 

I am running for office because I believe in the people. 


I will listen to your concerns and prioritize the immediate needs of the people of District 100. I have experience working across party lines and I will work to develop solutions to the challenges we face. 

Join The Movement 

   A commitment to the people.   

Maria’s campaign will focus on building a better future and addressing key issues affecting the community. Maria is committed to: 

  • Ensuring clean water and air 

  • Improving pay for all public employees 

  • Providing resources for public school teachers & service personnel 

  • Upgrading infrastructure such as roads and internet access 

  • Supporting emergency and medical services 

  • Restoring reproductive freedoms 

  • Bringing more good-paying jobs to Jefferson County 

  • Increasing responsible economic development 

  • Supporting working people & labor rights 


"Everyone, young or old, should have access to great opportunities and a future they can believe in right here at home. Together, we can improve the lives of the people in District 100 that I hope to represent.” 

- Maria Russo -

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